Complete test now $675

Pay $100 when ordering the kit. Total $575 balance is paid only when you send in samples for testing. Our prepaid, pre-addressed courier pack arrives 3 to 5 business days. Results 6 days later are 99.9% accurate

Order the easy to use home sample collection kit to determine paternity for up to 3 fathers. Complete easy-to-follow instructions are included for the father or fathers DNA sample, and for the mother, a tiny finger prick blood sample needed from your finger, a few drops of blood in our special tiny blood collection tube, and your blood sample is stable for eight days.

You receive your clinical answer about a week after we receive your samples The kit contains complete easy-to-follow instructions and a prepaid, preaddressed return courier pack so we receive the samples in a day or two.

When you receive the kit in a couple of days you can call us toll-free 1-844-836-5811, direct to our gynecology research and testing Centre with any questions you have, or to discuss your circumstances.

These prices are a 50% reduction over last year because of the surge in volume and advances in technology email back the attached form to start the process today.

Be sure when returning samples that they go into the courier pack we have supplied which is prepaid and preaddressed along with paperwork etc. Drop the courier pack off at any place that handles courier services such as a FedEx depot, Staples, Kinko's, business depots etc. most places of that type have a courier counter and you leave the courier pak there will ever now you you try to you now are you okay thanks. There is no cost since it is prepaid.

Make sure that there is a declaration on it that the contents are non-hazardous biological samples, time sensitive, needed for testing purposes you can write that declaration on the shipping document if necessary.

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